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We utilize an integrative, evidence based, whole body approach to patient care.

Our Story

REVIVE was founded in 2021 by two sisters, Kirsten Bryson & Jordan Bryson, who share a passion for helping others and a desire to see individuals thrive in all aspects of life, uninhibited by injury or nagging ailments.

Our dream was to design a unique and vibrant health destination that offered so much more than a typical medical clinic. At REVIVE, we want you to immediately experience the difference in our approach to health care from the moment you walk through our front doors.

We understand how busy your life can get, so we wanted to create a healing and relaxing space that you are excited to visit, not just another task on your endless to do list. REVIVE is a welcome space for all Calgarians to escape the day to day and redefine what health means.

As a family run business, we promise to treat you and your family with the same dedication and care that we would our own family. At REVIVE we take the time to understand what is important to you, because you are our priority!

Whatever your goal is, our goal is to help you reach it!

Whether it is...

Living pain free

Recovering before your next, game, race, or competition

Playing with your children and grandchildren

Moving more or moving better

...We create an individualized treatment approach to help you get there.

Why Revive?


Revive comes from the Latin roots re-, meaning “again”, and vivere, meaning “to live”. So, ultimately meaning to “live again”. Revive is to renew, set in motion, become active & flourish again.

Our purpose is to “revive” not only how you feel & how you move, but also how you view your health and the healthcare community.

Our Team

Dr. Kirsten Bryson

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Dr. Jordan Bryson

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Julie Jerowsky

Registered Massage Therapist
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Erika Poupart

Registered Massage Therapist
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Peace Of Mind

If you have any questions/concerns regarding any of our services leading up to your initial visit please don’t hesitate to call or email us. 

Our clinic is pleased to offer direct billing for chiropractic and massage treatments to a variety of insurance providers if your plan allows for it. We value your time and want to ensure your experience is as seamless as possible.
Our infrared sauna and compression therapy can be purchased as individual sessions or in packages which will be billed on your first visit & is not billable to insurance.